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Mortise Handles

Mortise Handles

Green Interio Mortise Handles; in these products we are wise. Mortise handle available in solid made by investment casting process. Green Interio select mortice handles and latch have heavy duty and strong spring. So it works properly. Also applicable for heavy duty quality door lever handles and knobs.

Save cash and makes life easy by choosing cool and creative mortise door handles online on our retail store. We sell heavy duty mortise handle made by stainless steel investment casting and heavy duty stainless steel pipe; Also made from zinc dia casting. We are pioneer in making & exporting mortise lever handles. Some are available in Zinc materials. 

Our all product are hard chrome plated for long lasting finish. It makes them corrosion resistant. All zamak lever handle are chrome plated and available in lots of finishes, stainless steel lever handles are hand-polished and designed for style and comfortable for hand.

These handles are designed for applications in home, offices, commercial buildings, residential buildings, schools and farmhouse. It is also recommended for use in outdoor areas of apartment and buildings.

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